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Dr. Chouaib SAYAH received his undergraduate degree from the University of Farhat Abbas - Setif, Algeria and his medical degree from Farhat Abbas College of Medicine. He completed his general surgery and pediatric surgery residency at University Hospital Saadna Mohamed Abdenour - Setif, Algeria. After completing his training, Dr. Chouaib SAYAH was on the faculty at the Hospital Establishment of AIN AZEL for four years as Practitioner Specialist Assistant in Pediatric Surgery untill he moves on to El Belsem Children’s Clinic in Febrary 2023
Dr. Chouaib SAYAH has published a lot of articles, attended internationals conferences and visiting many pioneer centers in pediatric surgery; Member of the World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons, Algerian Society of Pediatric Surgery and North African Federation of Pediatric Surgery. He dedicates much of his free time to mission trips around the world where he can help children’s in poor regions.
My research interest includes: Pediatric Colorectal Surgery, Hirschsprung's disease, Anorectal Malformation, Fecal incontinence

El Belsem Children's Clinic - AIN AZEL, Algeria
- Colorectal Surgery - Hirschsprung disease - Anorectal malformation - Minimally Invasive Surgery - Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery - Fetal Surgery
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