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I am a Consultant Pediatric Surgery at The Maternity and Child Teaching Hospital , Al Qadisiya , Iraq . My education and past work experience will be of great asset in successfully performing the duties of a Clinical Research Senior and later a director for the Center of Continuous Medical Education. This experience also vary widely with respect to personal communications. Interactions ranged from educating elementary medical students to communicating on a personal basis with professors , post graduate students and pediatric surgery fellows . My time as a clinical researcher, as well as time spent shadowing a surgeon, has given me the opportunity to connect with patients and research subjects on a personal and information-sensitive basis. My wide range of interactions has given me the combination of confidence and compatibility necessary to work effectively with people in a research setting and maximize productivity.

Al Qadisiya Al Diwaniya
The Maternity and Child Teaching Hospital
Consultant pediatric surgery Colorectal Pediatric urology
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