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About Amadeo Zanotti

-Doctor of medicine and surgery, Faculty of medical sciences (F.C.M.),
Universidad Nacional de Asunción (U.N.A.), Paraguay. 1977.
-General Surgery Residency: Hosp. de Clinicas, F.C.M. – Univ. Nacional de
Asunción – Paraguay, 1978-1979.
-General Surgery post graduate Student, Groote Schuur Hospital, University of
Cape Town. – South Africa.- Jan.1980 – Dec. 1980.
-Post-graduate in Ped. Surgery and Urology: King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban,
Univ. Of Natal – South Africa. Jan. 1981-1984
-Stage of Pediatric Surgery, children's Hospital "Joana de Gusmão", Florianópolis
– Brazil. 1985.
-Head of Department of Pediatric Surgery, Hospital de Clínicas, F.C.M. – Univer.
Nacional de Asunción. – Paraguay.  1986-2004.
-Assistant Professor of clinical surgery, F.C.M. – Universidad Nacional de
Asunción – Paraguay, since March of 2.000.
-Founding Member of the Paraguayan Society of Pediatric Surgery. (S.P.C.P.)
Nov. 1986. Asunción-Paraguay.
-President of the S.P.C.P., period 1992-1994; 2012-2014; 2014-2016.- Paraguay.
-Founding member of the "Confederation of societies of Cirugia Pediatrica of
the South cone of South America"- (CIPESUR) Year 1993.
-President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress CIPESUR 2017, October,
08-10, 2017; Asuncion – Paraguay.
-President of CIPESUR, 2017- 2019.-
-Latinamerican Representative for the Executive Comitee of World Federation
of Associations of Pediatric Surgery (WOFAPS). 2017-2020. (Washington 2016).
-Latinamerican Representative for the Executive Comitee of World Federation of
Associations of Pediatric Surgery (WOFAPS). 2020-2023.(Doha 2019).
-Consultant of Pediatric Surgery at the Medical Center 'LA COSTA', Asunción –
Paraguay, Since 2.005.
-Vice-President World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgery (WOFAPS)
elected for period 2023-2025. (Prague 2022).
-Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Pediatric Surgery Open since 2022.
-Guest Editor of special edition (Latino American) J.P.S.Open for 2023.
-Author of Six book chapters.
-85 Conferences, presentations and publications