The Department of Pediatric Surgery of the UMC Utrecht has been a pioneer in the field of minimal invasive surgery in children since the beginning in 1988.

The department has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles in the field of minimal invasive pediatric surgery and has been involved in numerous books and book chapters.

In 1995 we organized the first symposium on pediatric invasive surgery (MIS), called “Sense and Non-sense”, followed by a second symposium on MIS in 2010: “To be or not to be”. During this event the new OR equipped with OR1 and MIS stacks in all OR’s was opened.

In 2018 it will be 30 years that the department has been involved in pediatric MIS, a good occasion to organize its next international symposium:

“30 Years of Pediatric MIS and the challenge goes on”

Not only pioneers in the field of pediatric MIS will be invited, but also the new generation that will lead us into the new decennium.

Leaders pediatric MIS in Europe will give their perspective on the role of pediatric MIS in the coming decade and we will present our achievements and future perspectives in Utrecht during this two-day symposium to be held September 6-7 2018.