Scientific Committee for abstract evaluation and marking

Anand Alladi, Rajiv Redkar, Shilpa Sharma, Muhammad Saleem, Nabila Talat Baila, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Bilal Mirza.

Session 1. State-of-Art Lecture – IAPS

Choledochal Cyst- Ravi Ramadwar (20 mins plus 4 papers)

Break – 10 mins

Session 2. State-of-Art Lecture – APSP

Biliary Atresia – Jamshed Akhtar (20 mins plus 4 papers)

Free papers are invited from the region..10 mins each


3.00 pm – 5.10 pm Indian Time

2.30 pm – 4.40 pm Pakistan Time


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When: Jun 18, 2021 02:30 Pakistan, 03:00 PM India

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