World Congress of Pediatric Surgery



World Federation of Association of Pediatric Surgeons (WOFAPS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote high standards of pediatric surgery throughout the World, follow highest ethical standards in the practice of pediatric surgery, improve the standards of education for the training of pediatric surgeons of the future and promote and encourage pediatric surgical research. WOFAPS conducts an international congress (WORLD CONGRESS) every third year at which state of the art lectures and scientific papers on pediatric surgery are presented and discussions are held focusing on the status and goals of the profession throughout the World.

  1. Selection of the host city for each WORLD CONGRESS will be conducted at a Council of Delegates meeting 3 years in advance. This council meeting is held at each WORLD CONGRESS.
  2. Prior to the WORLD CONGRESS the Secretary/Treasurer will inform the membership about the application and selection process to host the next WORLD CONGRESS venue. Pediatric surgical organizations or associations that wish to host a WORLD CONGRESS of the WOFAPS in a city in their country must prepare and submit a detailed application in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer at least 3 months prior to the Council of Delegates meeting. The Executive Committee will review the applications and invite those that meet the requirements to host a successful congress to present their application at the council of delegates. The Council of Delegates will vote and choose which venue will host the next WORLD CONGRESS. If selected, the hosting Congress Chairman representing said Association/Organization must be willing to enter into a legally binding agreement with WOFAPS. The agreement and responsibilities of all parties are defined and will include:

    2.1 Congress Business Plan

    • Congress Chairman will prepare a detailed business plan and will be responsible for the organization of the World Congress.
    • The prospective congress venues need to conform to the minimal requirements and standards established by the executive committee.

    2.2 Registration Fees

    The registration fees will be decided by the WOFAPS Executive Board (EB) in consultation with the Congress Chairman.The registration fee for the participants includes:

    • Congress material in a bag
    • Access to all scientific sessions
    • Lunches and coffee
    • Welcome and President’s reception
    • Congress Chairman of the World Congress will provide complimentary registration to 25 young pediatric surgeons from developing countries. The EB of WOFAPS will decide on who will get this support.

    2.3 Scientific Program

    The EB of WOFAPS will appoint a Chairman of the Scientific Office who will have the overall responsibility of the Scientific Program for the World Congress. The Chairman of the Scientific Office, members of the Scientific Committee and the Congress Chairman will co-ordinate selection of abstracts, state of the art lectures, round table and teaching courses.

    2.4 LOGO of WOFAPS

    If the World Congress is being conducted jointly with an association or an international pediatric surgical organization, the LOGO of WOFAPS will always appear more prominently on all the advertisements and programs.

    2.5 Financial Commitment to WOFAPS

    The World Congress will agree to pay 15% of all income from registration fees and industrial exhibitions to WOFAPS.

    2.6 Sponsorship

    Sponsorship for the World Congress will be co-ordinated by the Congress Chairman and his/her team.

    2.7 Accommodation

    The Congress Chairman is responsible for providing accommodation. A variety of hotels ranging from two star to five star in close proximity to the Congress centre should be offered. WOFAPS will not cover any deficits and is not interested in any profit resulting from accommodation.

    2.8 Accompanying Persons Program

    The Congress Chairman is responsible for providing a decent accompanying persons program including the budget. All expenses for accompanying persons should be covered by their registration fee. WOFAPS will have no responsibility for any deficit and is not interested in any profit from this program.

    2.9 WOFAPS Executive Board and Invited Speakers

    The World Congress will waive the congress registration fee, provide complimentary hotel accommodation and tickets to the official congress social functions for the members of Executive Board of WOFAPS and at least 12 invited speakers.


Application for hosting World Congress of Pediatric Surgery.

  1. Any National Pediatric Surgical Association can apply to the Secretary, WOFAPS in writing about their interest in holding WORLD CONGRESS in their home city.

    The request should be accompanied by the following:

    • Accessibility eg. nearest airport.
    • Venue of the Congress and facilities available regarding congress sessions, poster exhibitions and industrial exhibitions etc.
    • Accommodation: hotels in close proximity to the Congress Centre and ranging from budget hotels to five star hotels.
    • Organization: professional or local staff
    • Government support
    • Sponsorship
  2. Statement indicating that if accepted the Congress Chairman will be willing to sign WOFAPS WORLD CONGRESS BUSINESS PLAN AGREEMENT.
    • Estimated Income
    • No. of Delegates
    • Accompanying Persons
    • Euro
    • Registration Income
      • Postgraduate Courses
      • Industrial Exhibitions
      • Government Support
      • Sponsorships


    • Congress Centre
    • Multimedia & Computers
    • Printed Material
      • 1st Announcement
      • 2nd Announcement
      • Posters
      • Envelopes
      • Abstract Book
      • Pocket Programme
      • Name Tags
      • Invitation Cards
    • Catering
      • Lunches
      • Coffee during congress
      • Welcome Reception
      • President Reception
      • Business Meeting Lunches & Coffee
    • Organizing Staff
      • Professional Company
      • Local Staff
    • Annual Dinner
      • Executive Board Members
      • Invited Guests
    • Hotel Accommodation
      • Executive Board Members
      • Invited Speakers
    • Transportation