WOFAPS Foundation


Prem Puri (Ireland)

Board of Directors

  • Prem Puri (Ireland)
  • Takeshi Miyano (Japan)
  • Arnold Coran (USA)
  • Richard Azizkhan (USA)
  • Devendra Gupta (India)
  • J. Boix Ochoa (Spain)

WOFAPS Scholarship Committee

  • Tomas Wester (Sweden), Chair
  • Prem Puri (Ireland)
  • Atsuyuki Yamataka (Japan)
  • Massimo Rivosecchi (Italy)

Rules Governing the WOFAPS Foundation:

1. Purpose

The World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons was formed on October 15, 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil as an international group to promote quality children’s surgical care, encourage the highest standards of education, training and scientific research, and provide a center of cooperation, interchange of information and interaction among children’s surgical associations, societies and organizations approved by WOFAPS. The WOFAPS-Foundation was formed as a clearly separate but affiliated entity to raise funds to carry out the goals of the Federation. The WOFAPS was established in 2007 as a tax exempt organization in Philadelphia, PA that qualifi es for this status under section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and is governed according to those rules appertaining thereto.

2. Foundation Structure

The WOFAPS-Foundation is served by a Board of Directors that includes, the three Past-President’s of the Federation, the Secretary-Treasurer, 3 members of the WOFAPS Council (not included in the Executive Committee) and the current WOFAPS President and the First Vice-President serving as voting members to assure continuity. The 3 members of the Council will be appointed by the Executive Board. Each Director will normally serve for a three year term. The Chairman of the Foundation Board will be elected by the members of the Board of Directors and serve for a three year term but could be re-elected for a second three year term at the discretion of the Board. The Active President of the WOFAPS may not simultaneously serve as Chairman of the WOFAPS Foundation Board. If the Chairman of the Board cannot fulfill his/her term in office, the Foundation Board of Directors shall elect a new Chairperson to finish the term. The Secretary-Treasurer may be re-elected to the Foundation Board as long as he/she serves in that capacity. If other Board members cannot fulfill their term of duty, the 2nd Vice-President of WOFAPS or another member of the WOFAPS Executive Committee can be appointed by the Executive Committee to finish the term on the Foundation Board. Terms of service shall begin on January 1st following election.

3. Function

The Foundation Board shall meet at least annually at the same time as the WOFAPS Executive Council. However, the Chairman of the Foundation Board may call a special emergency meeting of the Board when necessary. Three of the voting members of the Foundation Board and one ex-officio member will constitute a quorum. Action items of the Board require a majority vote of the members present at a meeting for passage. Votes in absentia are not accepted. The Foundation Board has oversight for all aspects of fund raising, investment of donated Funds and selection of projects for funding. The Foundation will report to the WOFAPS Executive Council at the time of the annual meeting.

4. Support

Funds accrued by the WOFAPS-Foundation will be kept in a separate account monitored by the Secretary-Treasurer and reviewed quarterly by the Board of Directors. The Foundation is entitled to accept donations in the form of grants, cash, stocks, securities and other forms of gifts or contributions that are fully tax deductible to the extent permitted by Federal law to carry out its objectives. All such gifts and donations should be made payable to WOFAPS earmarked for the Foundation. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for verifying receipt of the gifts or donations to donors.

5. Goals and Objectives

Based on the acquired corpus available, the WOFAPS Foundation will: encourage furthering of professional training, promote education of individuals in training through participation in seminars and special courses, consider granting travel scholarships, scientific research fellowships, or unique projects such as medical ethics, clinical outcomes studies and health care delivery systems and other projects that that will enrich the knowledge of the grant recipient, an institution, a community or society in general as it pertains to broadening the horizons of children's surgery.

6. Eligibility for Support

Pediatric Surgeons that are members of WOFAPS approved associations, societies or organizations or their bonafide children’s surgery trainees may apply for support from the Foundation. Applicants must have sponsorship from a Department chair and an officer of the WOFAPS affiliated pediatric surgical organization. The sponsor should be familiar with the applicant and their proposed work and is responsible for assuring the candidate’s project will be supported locally. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is responsible for reviewing grant submissions in a peer reviewed fashion and determining selection of Foundation grant recipients. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for notifying applicants of the outcome of their grant submission. Awardees are required to submit a summary of their research work or other sponsored activity in writing to the WOFAPS Foundation Board within one year of their award. If deemed appropriate by the Foundation Board, the recipient may be asked to present their work at a WOFAPS sponsored scientific meeting.

7. Procedure for Changes and Amendments

Any changes to the rules governing the WOFAPS-Foundation require full consensus of the Board of Directors.